Eco Barricade Tapes
Eco Barricade Tapes
Eco Barricade Tapes
Eco Barricade Tapes
Eco Barricade Tapes
Eco Barricade Tapes
Recycled LDPE
Compostable Film
Yellow and Black Recycled
Red and White Compostable
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Eco Barricade Tapes

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Lead the way with on site sustainability practices by using Eco Barricade Tapes - made with either recycled plastics or compostable film to suit your project environmental policies. 

Benefits of using Cacti Eco Barricade Tapes

- Social procurement benefits - low risk product

- Environmental benefit product - reducing single use plastic burden

- Supporting local manufacturing

- Custom artwork available* - have you company / project name or hazard type displayed on the tape.

All tapes 100m long x 75mm wide with your choice of;

1. Recycled LDPE - most suited to 'Recycling First' projects where the used tape can be retrieved.

2. Compostable Film** - most suited to uses where the tape cannot be retrieved (e.g. demolition, hazardous stockpiles). 

3. Australian made - satisfying Local First procurement policies.

4. Colours - Red/White, Yellow/Black, or contact us for custom prints.


* Plate fees pending artwork review, MOQ 1000 units applies.

** shelf life limited to 18 months in low light conditions. 

(Prices exclusive of GST)