Site Safety Responsible Disposal - filled satchel
Sate Safety Responsible Disposal - filled carton
Site Safety Responsible Disposal - reply paid satchel

End-of-Life Responsible Disposal

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Dispose of site safety products at their end-of-life with our Responsible Disposal Scheme for a complete Circular Economy solution, and receive 10% off your next Eco Site Safety Order. Simply order your disposal service, gather your expired Barricade Tapes, Bunting or Hi-vis Vests and either:

  • Order and Fill the reply-paid postage satchel (up to 5kg per satchel), then post the parcel at any Australia Post office. Available Australian Wide.


  • For Melbourne Collection: Order a collection and have a carton / bag filled with your expired safety products ready for collection by your next Cacti Conserve delivery date. 

You will be emailed a single use 10% off Discount Code as part of your order, to be used with any Eco Site Safety purchases. 

Your expired products will then broken down to be recycled into new Eco Site Safety or textile products. Barricade tapes and bunting ropes are made into new Eco Traffic Flag poles, Eco Safety Bunting and Hi-vis vests are recycled with Upparel. PVC Coated fabrics (eg imported bunting flags) are not currently recyclable in Australia and will be cut from the rope and disposed of as waste at present. 

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