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Recycled Silt Socks

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The Recycled Silt Sock, developed and produced by leaders in environmental protection technologies - Stratex, is Australia’s first 100% recycled silt sock. Made from re-processes site waste materials: temporary banner mesh and reclaimed aggregate from our civil construction projects.

Silt socks provide a simple yet effective sediment and erosion control method. They can be placed in and around worksite stormwater drains and gutters. Their purpose is to protect waterways from contaminated runoff by retaining silt and sediment during heavy rain. 

Available in Sediment control only, OR Sediment and Hydrocarbon control -  with a layer of Spilltration Husky material, a recycled fibre developed by Stratex to absorb the hydrocarbon oily sheen while allowing water to flow through.

Recycled Silt Socks are produced in collaboration with a local social enterprise, Assembled Threads. This partnership ensures a high quality of product is achieved, whilst helping to provide meaningful employment opportunities for individuals from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Recycled Silt Socks are delivered pre-filled, weighing approx. 12kg each.

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