How You Can Reduce Waste With the Five R’s

Reduce Re-use Refuse Rot Recycle - Five R's

So what is the Five R’s initiative when it comes to reducing waste on our planet and how can you help make a difference? Understanding the Five R’s (refuse, reduce, re-use, recycle and rot) will help you become more conscious of the choices you make and the carbon footsteps you take. That's what we're all about here at Cacti Conserve, refusing toxic plastic and reducing waste on the planet. Our range of Shredded Cardboard FillerPerforated Cardboard Wrap and 100% Recycled Shredded Paper is recycled and repurposed. Keen to reduce your carbon footprint? Great! Here’s a breakdown of what the Five R’s are all about and how you can make a positive mark on our planet. 


Refuse the stuff that’s causing waste problems and is toxic to our planet. Refuse to use single-use plastics. Refuse the nasties like plastic straws, plastic cutlery and plastic shopping bags. Choose paper and cardboard over plastic materials. We now have so many incredible eco-friendly, compostable alternatives and more in development every day. If you have the option to choose, refuse the item and find a sustainable alternative. 


Think about how you can reduce waste, particularly non-recyclable waste. Buy fresh produce over packaged goods. Avoid using single-use plastic bags for fresh produce and instead use your reusable bags, or support shops that provide paper and compostable bags. Choose products that use cardboard, recyclable or compostable packaging.


Be creative with how you can reuse and repurpose waste products and items, rather than throwing them away. There’s no processing required and you can get more than one use out of it! We do just that with our sustainable packaging. We give the single-use cardboard product a second life. Save your shopping bags and re-use them for your next shop. Use your empty egg cartons to plant new seedlings or entertain your dog by placing food in the egg carton for them to sniff out. If you have kids, you can make small knitting devices with a toilet roll and some paddle pop sticks. Transform your old clothes or furniture into something new, rather than throwing it away.


Choose products that have the recycle symbol or are recycled material such as recycled paper or toilet paper. The more you can choose recycled material, the less energy and resources are going into making new products from scratch, which means less destruction to our environment. Whether you need paper for the office, furniture for your home, fabric to make that new outfit, or packaged products at the groceries, choose recycled materials where possible. 


Compost! Transform your food and cardboard waste into fertile nutrients for your or your community garden. Your waste load will be reduced and you’ll create healthy new soil (with the help of bugs) to give back to the Earth. 

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