Social Benefit Partnership Creating Eco Site Safety and Employment Opportunities for Disadvantaged Communities

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Since mid 2022 Cacti Conserve has been building a partnership with local heroes Assembled Threads – Melbourne social enterprise creating sustainable employment and training opportunities through local textile manufacturing hubs in areas suffering from long-term underemployment and disadvantage, with a particular focus on women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. This collaboration brings expertise, industry opportunities and peer support to our teams, as both organisations grow in the developing space of social procurement.


Earlier in 2022 Cacti Conserve was introduced to Assembled Threads via an online product pitch curated by Ecologiq – the ‘cupid’ of the recycled material and social benefit suppliers to the construction industry. Shortly after this, our organistions began working together. Our proprietary Eco Site Safety products were premiered at the Green Infrastructure Conference (hosted by Victoria’s Big Build) in September, with product samples prepared by Assembled Threads. Currently in production from their North Melbourne hub by the capable team at Assembled Threads, are lines of our stock and custom Eco Safety Bunting and Eco Traffic Flags all made from 100% recycled materials.


Assembled Threads Preparing Eco Safety Bunting

Established in 2020, Assembled Threads run textile manufacturing hubs in the inner north of Melbourne, creating training and sustainable employment for communities struggling with underemployment and skillset recognition. In a first for Victoria, Holmesglen has teamed with social enterprise, Assembled Threads, to offer an apprenticeship in clothing and textile production, which is giving culturally and linguistically diverse students an opportunity to learn while in the workforce. The first cohort of Assembled Threads apprentices in Certificate III Clothing and Textile Production have recently graduated and taken up roles within their organisation. Formalising skills for a disadvantaged portion of our community, which will support meaningful employment to individuals and supporting families in the future.


In 2021 a grant from Sustainability Victoria to support the production of 1000 recycled textile Hi-Vis vests has enabled Assembled Threads to foster and build strong partnerships with construction Industry leaders, keen to seek innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint and build their social impact. Alongside the passion for social benefit to support disadvantaged groups of our community, founder Edwina Walsh carries a bold commitment to move the ESG value of local textile manufacturing sector in the right direction. Through engaging with local suppliers – reducing emissions, sourcing ethical fabrics, and promoting the use recycle materials. Assembled Threads have capacity for orders of commercial sizes and specialize in customizing workwear to support a sustainable textile industry. 


We are thrilled to be partnering with an organisation, who carry such passion and integrity.

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