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This year Cacti Conserve received an official Australian Made recognition and certification for all our paper and cardboard, shredded and perforated packaging products. So what does this mean?

The Australian Made logo is a registered trademark administered by an independent not-for-profit organisation called Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL), who assess applications and certify individual products against criteria defined in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). In brief there is a piece of Federal Legislation called Competition and Consumer Act 2010, in which the ACL provides provisions for country of origin claims. This document defines the term substantial transformation – which outlines the proportions of material / assembly / cost which must have occurred in Australia to claim the product is Australian Made. Once the product has been satisfactorily assessed by the AMCL, certification is granted along with the rules governing the use of the logo.

The power of the logo:

  • Recognition – 99% of Australian recognise the logo
  • Trust – 92% of Australians are confident that products carrying the logo are genuinely Australian
  • Preference – 93% of Australians have a preference for Australian Made products.

If you’d like to find out more about the function of the Australian Made Campaign or how to become certified visit

 By choosing Australian Made products you will be:

  1. Strengthening the Australian manufacturing sector
  2. Supporting the Australian Economy
  3. Reducing lead-time and supply chain delays
  4. Enhancing access to customisation and customer service
  5. Limiting the product and transport footprint
  6. Selecting Australian quality and workmanship
  7. Reducing shipping time and costs

At Cacti Conserve we value the skills, innovation and labour of Australians, and are proud of the quality goods produced across the nation. Our sustainable practices are more than just a marketing pitch, and by supporting Australian workers, reducing product transport distances, and using locally available materials we are making a difference – and providing opportunities for the next generation of Australian workers and businesses.   


Australian Made Campaign Ltd

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