Meet Cacti Conserve Founder Jackson Ellis

Cacti Conserve Founder Jackson Ellis

The idea behind Cacti Conserve

Loving this great city of Melbourne and the places that border it, we felt more could be done to manage our waste problem and provide sustainable solutions to single-use packaging. Cacti Conserve was established to transform waste into re-usable products and reduce our dependency on plastics.

We understand that commerce and lifestyles are intertwined with a system that depends on trade, logistics, consumption and use of goods short of their full potential. Our business model has been developed in response to this issue to work with our communities finding sustainable solutions for their needs. Why buy new when we can re-purpose what we already have?

What we offer

We provide quality, cost effective sustainable products for packaging, animal and garden care. Our Shredded and Perforated Cardboard is a re-purposed material. We’ve given cardboard waste a second life, reducing the unnecessary energy and resources required to make a new product. We also offer Recycled Shredded Paper and other eco-friendly packaging products.

Our mission to help the planet

At Cacti Conserve we are taking responsibility to alleviate pressures on our local waste systems and environment. We hope to empower others to reduce their waste footprint. As a social enterprise we are giving 50% of our profits to local conservation groups. With your collaboration we can not only do our bit to reduce and repurpose waste, but we can support local environment groups to continue the incredible work they’re doing through our social enterprise initiative.


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