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Cacti Conserve Social Enterprise Certified

Throughout our journey Cacti Conserve has been committed to driving a change to more sustainable packaging. So much so that we forged this intent into the fabric of the company - making Cacti Conserve a 'Business for Good' by design. The Social Enterprise business model was integral through this process and governs how we operate today. But what is a Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprises are an innovative breed of business that exist to create a fairer and more sustainable world - Social Traders.

This includes businesses of all sizes and servicing a whole spectrum of industries, but they all have these three things in common:

1. Have a defined primary social, cultural or environmental purpose consistent with a public or community benefit.

2. Derive a substantial portion of their income from trade.

3. Invest efforts and resources into their purpose such that public / community benefit outweighs private benefit.

You can see more about the Social Enterprise models and the certification process at Social Traders.

Why choose to be a Social Enterprise? The answer is in the question - WHY. For the team at Cacti Conserve the why is at the centre of what we do - our mission is make cost effective eco-friendly products available to all business, and to contribute to conservation through donations. Through selling affordable and sustainable packaging products we are able to help others reduce their waste footprint and to turn a profit, of which 50% is redistributed to Australian Conservation projects. 

Recently Cacti Conserve was recognised by Social Traders for our commitment to environmental causes and gained certification as a 'Social Enterprise - Business for Good'. This means we meet the criteria of their world-leading certification framework, and joined more than 450 other Social Enterprises across the nation presenting the stamp of certification.

We are thrilled to join their recognised group of Social Enterprises, and appreciate all the support we've received from our mentors and customers along the way.



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  • Peta on

    Commendable Cacti Conserve donating 50% of profits to local,
    Victorian or national Conservation Projects, while at the same time reducing waste which would end up in landfill. May your business do extremely well and encourage other businesses to put humanity and a healthy environment ahead of massive profits only.

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